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Riot Games has released an official comic named “Harmonies” following Seraphine and K/DA‘s journey together. Recently, Riot had confirmed Seraphine as the next K/DA member, but her being an outsider complicates her feelings with the group. So far, there’s only one episode out, but fans can expect more to come soon.

The first episode, named “Akali,” follows Seraphine, also called Sera, and Akali’s friendship during a recording session break. Unfortunately, Sera isn’t sure she belongs to the team since she feels like she doesn’t fit in. Since she doubts herself, Akali steps in and re-assures her that Ahri doesn’t fail when finding talent. Hearing this, Seraphine feels better and goes back to the recording studio. As they arrive, Ahri suggests Sera performs solo instead of as part of the chorus. This makes Sera happy, and she agrees to sing her part.

The League of Legends universe currently has numerous comics available online. These include the backstory of Ryze, Brand, Miss Fortune, Nami, and more. Since K/DA has more content coming out, Harmonies may be a longer-term project. Additionally, Riot’s description of the comic states that each member reflects on the last two years of adventures within the group. This may mean that they’re working backward since Sera is the newest member of the team.

K/DA going to Worlds?

Once Riot revealed the news on Twitter, fans were excited to speculate what’s coming next. Additionally, Sera mentions the team going to Shanghai this year, which hints that K/DA will make an appearance at Worlds. Readers picked up on this hint and suggested that Riot may also reveal Seraphine as a champion around this time.


It seems that Riot is coming up with new ideas surrounding one of their most successful side projects. It’d be interesting to see if they create an anime based off of K/DA, seeing as there’s already official merchandise, a comic, and music videos based off of them.

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