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Riot Games has confirmed Seraphine to be the next K/DA member, according to her account’s recent social media posts. Over the past few weeks, Riot has teased her to be the next League of Legends champion, although no one had officially confirmed this to be true. As the newest member, K/DA will involve her in producing and collaborating for their newest album.

Is she the next champion?

Fans have waited weeks for this news to come out, although it doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be playable in-game. Seraphine’s recent post indicates that K/DA asked her to collaborate with them, but nothing more. Whether Riot will introduce her as a champion after Worlds is unknown, although fans have been speculating about this for a while.

In the group’s newest picture, Akali, Kai’Sa, Ahri, and Evelyn, are all wearing casual outfits while Seraphine stands in the middle. In a separate post, Seraphine thanks her fans for the opportunity to collab with Riot. “This is seriously a dream come true and it’s all possible thanks to you,” she says, followed by a crying emoji.


K/DA’s next track feat. Seraphine

Although her post doesn’t show that she’s the next champion, Riot had already hinted at the possibility of it. In a previous developer’s blog post, they had mentioned one of the next champions being a “sensational mage.”

There are no other details regarding K/DA’s newest song. “Calling All Blades” may be the name of their next track, since it’s been hinted all over the group’s social media captions. Additionally, their newer images focus mostly on Akali, so the new song may be all about her.

K/DA fans are excited to hear Seraphine being featured on their new album. Some users have even produced fan art for Seraphine’s K/DA outfit.

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