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Finally, we’re starting to see some big signing news in the Overwatch League off-season. The Seoul Dynasty have acquired Joon-yeong “Profit” Park and Jae-hee “Gesture” Hong from the London Spitfire. This took several days to complete, but rumors about Profit and Gesture came out even weeks ago. Not only was it a big trade – what with sending two all-stars to their local team – but it also meant changing the entire scope of super teams in the league.

Making Profit

Profit is someone that doesn’t need much of an introduction – playoff MVP, one of the best DPS statistically, two-time all-star, and inaugural season champion. Plus, he’s one of the most flexible players in the league. The fact that he’s going to play with another player that is just as flexible as he is (Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim) is insane.

Profit and Gesture on stage.

Gesture is almost just as awarded as his teammate, also being a champion. His stats might not be as stacked as Profit’s, but none can deny his potential to shut down a tank line and win a game or a series. He would arguably have been the MVP in the finals of the inaugural season if Profit hadn’t done as well as he did. While his play could’ve been better in season two, the duo of these two players has won a championship together for a season.

Building a dynasty

With these two players, Seoul seems to be making their third attempt at a Korean super-team. The first two attempts didn’t work as intended, and the second season revolved around unknown stars rather than big trade acquisitions. But this time, they’re getting not only good players, but truly proven players. Profit and Gesture have a championship under their belt already, and they can adapt to metas well.

There might be more trades or acquisitions left for the Dynasty in this off-season, but this one is already massive. This one might break the dam that is trade or acquisition announcements. Literally, as I was typing this, the Defiant announced their first signing of the off-season.

The start of a super team?

This brings us to one big question: will the Seoul Dynasty succeed in making a super team? They’ve tried for two years and only succeeded when they ignored their star players and gave their new rookies a chance. With all the free agents this year and the Dynasty’s big pockets, it’s just a matter of getting players that want to be there. With most of their star players from their first two seasons gone, this can be a completely fresh start.

However, if there is one team to study on building a super team, it’s the current champs, San Francisco Shock. They took ineligible rookies and grew them into stars, filling the right players around them. And, I think the Dynasty are accidentally doing this. Hopefully, it works out for them and brings status to the only Korea-located team in the league.