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Rumors of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) teams throwing and match-fixing are circulating in the semi-professional community. Season 34 of ESEA’s Mountain Dew League (MDL) has had an unsettling start. With Valorant attracting more players every day and season 34 having no move-ups, teams are investing little effort into MDL.

Furthermore, there’s an underlying sense of hopelessness for many semi-professional players. The restructuring of the ESL Pro League and MDL has teams feeling it’s nearly impossible to play professionally anymore. In short, the community is in shambles, and players aren’t passionate anymore. What’s more, players and community members are starting to call out MDL teams for throwing and match-fixing.

“We know who you are.”

Rush B Media owner Ryan “Ryan” Friend called out CSGO MDL teams on Twitter for throwing and fixing matches. He reminded the unnamed players that their actions have dire consequences. In any case, he urges the squads to either withdraw from the season or face the penalties.

In response, Erik “fl0m” Flom said he’s almost positive two MDL teams are throwing. Others have said it’s ridiculous for players to throw despite the news of Australian CSGO match-fixers going to jail.

Before Ryan’s tweet, bettors, casual viewers, and other MDL players suggested some of the teams’ behavior during matches was suspicious. From constantly force-buying at atypical times and buying Negevs instead of rifles to pushing out of sites to their own death — the suspects’ actions point to throwing.

Furthermore, MDL sources say there’s been irregular betting activity for matches between some of the teams. Apparently, there are bets worth thousands of dollars placed on the underdog when facing the accused teams. Interestingly enough, the underdog team ends up beating its opponents.

Currently, MDL sources tell Daily Esports of three teams suspected of match-fixing. According to a source, several of the teams are home to players known to have thrown CSGO matches in the past. It’s expected the players are making hundreds of dollars to throw games. If the community continues to investigate and calls out the accused teams, the alleged throwers could potentially face life-time bans and jail time.

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