Season 9 Fortnite teasers: What do the letters mean?

Season 9 Fortnite teasers: What do the letters mean?

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With Season 9 just up ahead, the official Fortnite teasers are getting stranger and stranger. Starting out yesterday with a simple “N”, today Epic Games followed up with another letter, “E”. As Thursday is the launch for Season 9, there’s not a lot of time left for spoilers.

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While the letters will undoubtedly spell out a word, that still will make it difficult to decipher its meaning. In the past, Fortnite has been particularly stingy about revealing too much information about the next season.

However, in Season 8, Epic Games changed things up. There has already been a huge map-changing event, which is always what the big reveal is about. This usually occurs at the start of the new season, though, so could that mean Fortnite is heading in a different direction for Season 9?

The most likely guess

As with any new season, fans all across social media are taking stabs at what the teasers could mean. Nearly every idea thrown out is a guess of some kind, but one is bound to end up being correct.

In this go-around, there is one clear guess that stands out from the rest. With the first two letters being ‘N’ and ‘E’, there are only a few words left to make. One of these words is “New”, which is the most popular guess among the community.

Although vague, there are only a handful of new things that could come to Fortnite Season 9. Of course, new skins, items, and weapons could pertain to this, but that’s not big enough for a new season.

So, what does that leave?

A new map coming to Fortnite?

Fans have been predicting a new island making its way to Fortnite Battle Royale since the early stages of Season 3. It seems like a logical thing to do; since every match takes place on one map, the game should feature multiple maps to avoid repetitive gameplay.

However, Epic Games has stated in the past that a new map wouldn’t come for a long time. Well, that statement came out over a year ago. And with the original map already being changed prior to the launch of Season 9, could it be time?

There is absolutely no background information to back this up. However, with the letters potentially spelling out “New”, this is a logical leap to make.

Another map-related theory going around Reddit is the possibility of old locations being rebuilt. This would include Dusty Divot, Tilted Towers, Flush Factory, etc. It syncs up with the “New” theory and would give a lot of fans what they want.

Fortnite Tilted Towers

Of course, we will have much more information tomorrow when Fortnite releases the final teaser and letter.

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