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While Modern Warfare has stolen the show for the past month, another Call of Duty is doing quite well under the radar. COD Mobile just released its Season 2 update, which comes with an all-new Battle Pass and the long-awaited Zombies mode.

However, there’s a lot more pertaining to both multiplayer and battle royale that came with Season 2. New locations for battle royale and a new map and mode for multiplayer give COD Mobile players more than enough to keep their attention. Here are the major changes that came with COD Mobile‘s Season 2 update.

New Battle Pass for COD Mobile

With the Season 1 Battle Pass being such a hit, COD Mobile needed to keep the same model in place for Season 2. The rewards in both the free and paid Pass are relatively similar to the first season. Cosmetic camos for grenades, backpacks, and weapons are all included. There are also some weapon variants that can be unlocked towards the later stages of the tiers.

Just like last season, there are 100 tiers to unlock at first. However, if you level up past tier 100, you start to unlock cases that contain various items. As always, you can either grind your way through the Pass with play-time or simply buy your way through. The premium Battle Pass costs $9.99, giving you nearly double the rewards of the free version.

Zombies come to Mobile

One of the modes players have been waiting for since launch, Zombies is now available in COD Mobile. There are two modes in Mobile‘s version of Zombies: Raid and Endless Survival. Endless Survival is the classic mode that all players know and love; simply survive for as long as you can against never-ending waves of the undead.

The Raid mode works a little differently than Endless Survival. Here’s a quick rundown from the official Season 2 patch notes:

  • Traditional points-based system with wall buys for weapons and locked doors
  • Boarding windows and killing zombies are the two primary ways of earning points
  • Round based with an 8-round limit for Normal difficulty
  • Round based with a 12-round limit for Hardcore difficulty
  • On the 8/12th rounds all players are sent to fight for their lives against the Abomination (boss)
COD Mobile Zombies Season 2
Zombies finally make their way to COD Mobile after weeks of anticipation

Multiplayer and Battle Royale receive more content

Tencent Studios didn’t forget about multiplayer and battle royale for Season 2. Along with a slew of balancing and general fixes, multiplayer is receiving a new map and mode. Summit, from Black Ops 1, is now in the map rotation. This is a fan-favorite that has appeared in numerous titles. Winter Raid will also be coming in the near future.

For battle royale, there is a new circus-themed location, as well as some winter-themed spots. In addition to that, new events and weapons are now live in-game. From the patch notes: “Other players aren’t all there is to find roaming the snowy hills and streets of Isolated.”

That’s everything major from the Season 2 update! If you want to go through every detail, check out the patch notes here. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty coverage.

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