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The Southeast Asian division of the Dota Pro Circuit (SEA DPC) is entering its final week of competition. It comes down to tiebreakers for the three remaining spots.

There is currently a tiebreaker for the first spot between T1 and TNC Predator; the third and fourth place finishers last year. There is also another tiebreaker for the third place spot at the major between Execration and Fnatic. The fates of the Southeast Asian spots to the Kyiv Animajor will now depend on two best-of-one matches. 

The tiebreaker for first and third was brought about by last week’s match between Fnatic and TNC predator. As a close matchup last season, Fnatic took first place in Season 1. However, the tides have shifted in Season 2; TNC Predator takes a close series against Fnatic that included several fights at Roshan and even an Aegis steal by Kam “Moon” Boon Seng. However, Fnatic’s efforts were not enough. They found themselves in a game losing fight in the Roshan pit; the very location in which they were able to find their greatest triumph earlier in the game. 

Tiebreakers, why do they matter? 

The battle for first, second and third in the region will determine which stage of the Major a team gets invited to. The first place team will directly qualify into the Playoff seeding. The second place team will get a direct invite into the Major Group stage. And the third place team will make it into the Wild Card, which determines who enters the group stage in the first place.

At the OneEsports Singapore Major, OB Esports x Neon — a relatively new team in the Dota 2 scene — was able to push top contenders Team Secret to the brink of elimination through Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer’s Windranger performance.

Will another Southeast Asian team leave a big mark on the upcoming Kyiv Animajor? You can find out on May 22 at 6 a.m. EST on the PGL_dota2 on Twitch