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Riot Games announced the next wave of in-game cosmetic skins for League of Legends on Tuesday, showing off the designs and champions receiving them in a Twitter post. They are set to hit the Public Beta Environment before likely going live with Patch 12.8 on April 27.

Riot Games is throwing it back to the age-old war between the sun and the moon as part of the theme for the revealed skins. The Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse skin lines are an update to the theme which was first introduced in 2018 with the release of Solar Eclipse Leona and Lunar Eclipse Leona.

There will be three new Solar Eclipse skins and two Lunar Eclipse skins with an additional Prestige edition skin. Sivir, Kayle and Sejuani are the new members of the Solar Eclipse brigade while Aatrox and Senna are on team Lunar Eclipse. Senna will also be the beneficiary of the newest Prestige edition skin with the brand new “Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna.” The Prestige edition of Senna’s Lunar Eclipse skin trades the Blue, Black and Purple color themes for Gold, White and Purple.

Finally, the two other skins coming out in this cycle are nods to the Bilgewater region. Yasuo is set to receive a dark, pirate-themed skin in the form of “Sea Dog Yasuo,” which gives his abilities a water splash effect. The other new skin is for one of the most notorious pirates in League of Legends, Gangplank. His new skin, “Gangplank the Betrayer,” makes him look like a new age version of the legendary pirate with its eerie, ghostly pirate vibes.

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