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Card databases like Scryfall are a huge staple for many players. Being able to look up any card by name, card type, or its text box is a huge asset to deck builders everywhere. It’s much better than what Magic: The Gathering players used to do: rely on magazines and word of mouth for information on cards.

In Scryfall, players can quickly search up any card in their database with relative ease. Images are crisp and large as well. Freshly spoiled cards are often up on the site within hours, so players tend to use it to look up the new effects. Oftentimes the site is used as a resource for deck-building, so now Scryfall has decided to improve their site for brewers. Today in a tweet, they announced that their site would be providing its own deck-building tool.

Users will be able to select specific printings of cards, sort by formats, colors, and use all sorts of features with the tool. To add a card from a search, simply click on it: It’s that easy! For a preview of what a deck list on the site will look like, check out a sample list.

When can you start using it?

Unfortunately, the feature is still in closed beta. No exact date has been announced yet for the feature to be public; it is only “coming soon.” Still, it’s an exciting new feature that once again raises Scryfall to another level, if it lives up to the hype.

What do you think of Scryfall’s new deck-building tool? Do you plan on using it to brew new lists, or are you going to stick with another site? Or is there another site that just does the job better? Let us know down in the comments below, and be sure to come back for more Magic: The Gathering content!

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