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It seems Epic Games and Fortnite have started to annoy some actors with some of their dances in the game. Scrubs actor Donald Faison (who played surgeon Chris Turk in the popular medical sitcom) went on the record during a recent Scrubs reunion at Vulture Festival when asked to perform his “poison dance.” He flat out said no, and then he said, ” If you want to see it, you can play Fortnite, because they jacked that sh*t.”

While it’s unclear if he was joking or not, he didn’t seem pleased because they used it and didn’t pay him for it. You can watch the hilarious and almost cringeworthy exchange below. Even though he was asked to do it and egged on by his co-stars to do it for the fans (all in good fun of course), he ultimately refused.


Epic did ask

Scrubs‘ creator, Bill Lawrence, confirmed to Faison and the audience that Epic did actually contact him to legally obtain the rights to use Turk’s dance. “Fortnite had to inquire for the legality of it, and it’s fine because it’s just a character dancing.” Epic does not actually make any money off that dance since players don’t need to purchase it to use it — it’s one of the ones included.

In my view, it simply seems Fasion is upset he didn’t get credit from Epic for creating the dance and getting paid for its inclusion. This isn’t the first time Epic has been called out like this. He joins other famous names such as Chance the Rapper and 2 Milly who were less than thrilled to see their signature moves being added to the popular game. 2 Milly is possibly considering legal action for the game using his dance, the “Milly Rock,” which was renamed “Swipe It” in the game. For players who see these dances, they may not know who they were originally inspired by without actually doing some digging. You can understand their point of view, but in the end, maybe they should be happy to be included in what is still such a global gaming phenomenon.


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