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German football team Schalke 04 announced their return to esports in an announcement on Twitter earlier today. The team recently sold their League of Legends European Championship slot due to financial reasons. However, Schalke 04 look to participate in the Prime League, continuing their commitment to esports.

Schalke 04’s journey in esports

Schalke has been a brand in European esports since their entry into the scene five years ago. Up until a few months ago, when they were forced to sell their LEC spot due to financial reasons, they had been a staple at the LEC and made forays into FIFA. A combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and their football team being relegated made it impossible for Schalke to support their LEC team and they sold their spot for a record 31 million dollars. Despite this sale, Schalke 04 noted that they would continue to be a part of German esports.

In their most recent statement, Schalke shared that they would continue to support their Prime League Pro Division team. The goal for the team is to win a local championship title, continuing their success from last year. They will also continue with their commitment to FIFA, having three players to continue participating in tournaments.

In addition to esports competition, Schalke 04 plans to implement social projects, especially in the Ruhr region in Germany. They aim to consciously address socially relevant issues such as diversity, esports for the disabled community and the mental health aspects of gaming. Schalke 04 desires to grow closer with the region and the community to develop esports, while connecting with their fans and followers in the process.

To Schalke, the LEC sale was not the end. There’s a new chapter in the team’s story.