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Team Liquid announced the return of Lucas “Santorin” Kilmer Larsen to their starting squad for Week 9 of the League of Legends Championship Series on Friday. The jungler was previously on medical leave for migraine issues.

Santorin stepped away from the team’s roster after Week 3 and has not played in the LCS or Academy league since his departure. In his stead, Jonathan “Armao” Armao has played since Week 4 of the LCS. Santorin rejoins in the wake of his teammates’ current 13-11 record for this split. Team Liquid is 27-17 across the whole season. Before his leave of absence, Santorin had a 5-4 record with the team in the summer split. His champion pool from those games included Rumble, Volibear and Xin Zhao. In his absence the team’s record sits at 7-7 with Armao calling the shots from the jungle.


Santorin before his break

Before his time off, Santorin was the backbone of Team Liquid. During the spring split, he helped lead the team to the Mid-Season Showdown finals before taking his first medical leave of absence. Without the Danish jungler, Team Liquid fell to Cloud9 and missed out on the Mid-Season Invitational.

In his nine games before stepping down, Santorin averaged a 3.4 Kill/Death/Assist ratio and 0.3 kills or assists per minute. He was involved in 75% of his teams kills in that time and 17% of their damage according to Games of Legends.

Team Liquid have already locked in their playoff spot no matter the outcome of this week’s games. Their seed is not in jeopardy either, as they have locked in the fifth seed with an opportunity to vault up one spot this week depending on their results.

It is also worth noting that the jungle meta has changed slightly since Santorin’s last few matches, but his jungle pool from Week 3 and before are still prominent in the current meta.

Santorin will join the team in their matches against Immortals Gaming, Evil Geniuses and Cloud9. His debut game back is against Immortals in the fourth game of Day 1.