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Samsung the major patron behind Australian university esports

Samsung has become the major patron for the University Esports League.

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Samsung is the major patron for the University Esports League’s Grand Final. The Grand Final will take place this weekend. The University of Technology Sydney will host this prestigious final. This is the largest university-based esports competition in Australia. The primary goal of the league is to foster the competitive scene for young players. Across many esports titles, we’re seeing a surge in mentorship and programs for young players. Rogue has created Junior Rogue, and Australia Esports Federation is building CS:GO for players. In addition, numerous collegiate competitions are popping up. It’s no surprise therefore that esports has made its way into Australian universities.

University Esports League

The University Esports League brings together Australian university students. Over 600 students competed in UEL across three titles. Students battled their way through online competitions to earn their place in the Samsung UEL finals. OverwatchHeartstone, and League of Legends are the three titles on offer. The prize pool totals AU$10,000 across all games. Blizzard have endorsed the event and are supporting promotion. They expect the competition will open up exposure and expansion into Australia.

Australia has a small but growing esports presence. Tournaments like this are important to the growth of the industry. Having both Samsung and Blizzard on board for this event is key to its success. The competition is run in partnership with Hive Gaming and GradConnection. Hive Gaming are a Sydney-based networking company focused on expanding esports in Australia. GradConnection is an online platform designed to link employers to university students and graduates. The aim of the tournament isn’t only to build players networks and celebrate games. It’s also designed to help students build professional networks in business, technology, finance, engineering, and accounting.

Samsung UEL live

The live finals will take place Saturday, midday AEST. Fans can register to attend this free event here. For many of our readers, Australia is a little far to travel. International fans can jump on Twitch to watch all the action. This tournament is a great step for Samsung, and for Australian universities. More events like this are sure to follow as esports continues to grow all across the world.

[Disclosure: The author of this article is the host of the University Esports League finals.]

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