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League of Legends’ newest champion Samira has arrived on the rift, and some players are not too happy. Lead Gameplay Designer Mark Yetter admits that she’s been too strong since Day One. Some new Samira hotfixes should balance her properly, but is it enough?

An over-powered champion

Samira’s overall base HP and Ultimate total damage is now significantly nerfed. Her base HP lowered from 600 to 530, and her Inferno Trigger damage went from 100 – 300 to 0 – 200. Additionally, her AD ratio per shot reduced to 50% AD from 60% AD.

Yetter admits that sometimes the development team makes mistakes, and they’re acting quickly to rectify it. One Twitter user stated that they received two Pentakills while playing her, something that should have never happened. These updates should make Samira more vulnerable at the start of the early game. Doing so makes it a challenge for her to snowball and get stronger without a protective Support backing her up.

Samira, post-nerfs

Although Riot has nerfed her, this doesn’t mean that she still isn’t strong in lane. Her ultimate cooldown is still pretty low, even if it requires a rank S. Her W is basically a windwall that blocks projectiles, and she also has a dash that allows her to push for more damage. Overall, her entire kit is pretty overpowered and it seems like the development team has more work to do with her in upcoming patches.

This kind of overpowering mistake was previously seen with Aphelios, where players complained about him being too OP against enemies. Since his release, he’s received over 10 hotfixes and updates, eventually leading him to his now 45% win rate. Since her release, Samira has an over 51% win rate in high elo, which is pretty high considering she just came out. Unfortunately, until Riot continues to balance her, players might have to resort in perma-banning the marksman.

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