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Riot Games teased League of Legends fans with the official trailer for Samira, previewing her abilities and visual effects. “The Desert Rose” is a powerful marksman wielding guns with an attitude.

Samira is one of the game’s newest champions, following Lillia’s release. This ranged champion deals plenty of physical damage and has unique abilities compared to other picks. Overall, the Shurima native takes on the role of a daredevil, going on dangerous missions and thriving through risks.

Samira’s official appearance

In her new trailer, viewers get a glimpse of who Samira really is. Her bright green eye has less glow than Senna’s, all while she fashionably wears her brown lipstick. She shows off her shiny guns and blades as the camera cuts to her taking action on the rift. Here, Riot quickly showcases how each of her attacks works. Some can say she’s a mix of Lucian, Kayne, and Rumble, but she’s definitely the first champion of her kind.

Riot Games VFX Artist Jason Chisolm shared that Samira is the first new marksman he’s worked on. He expressed that his inspiration for Senna’s visual effects came from games like Devil May Cry, Vanquish, and Bayonetta.

Once Riot released her trailer, League of Legends fans made sure their opinions were heard. Some Twitter users complained that she seems too powerful with high stats. Others thanked Riot for making her attractive and fun. Although she isn’t being released until PBE patch 10.19, fans are already cosplaying Samira and creating tons of fan art. The biggest confusion players seem to have is in regards to which lane she belongs to.

Fans are also hoping for Seraphine to shine through after Samira’s release. Recent evidence points to her being the next new champion, though there’s no official word on that yet. Fans may even have to wait until after this year’s Worlds for any more detail on Riot’s next projects. Until then, stick with Daily Esports for more League of Legends updates.

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