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100 Thieves have announced that Tommy “Ryoma” Le will start all their remaining games of the LCS regular season. Tanner “Damonte” Damonte was dropped from the 100 Thieves starting roster last week. This decision was based on scrims, meta and champion pool.

100 Thieves LCS general manager Christopher “PapaSmithy” Smith made this decision known in a video. He stated this switch was based on a number of factors. He also reiterated the fact that all 100 Thieves roster changes are done with playoffs success in mind.

Ryoma’s performance so far as 100 Thieves starting midlaner in LCS

Ryoma has played three games since he took over from Damonte as 100 Thieves LCS midlaner. He and the team failed to beat both Evil Geniuses and TSM but were victorious against Golden Guardians.

Although Ryoma was not to blame for the two losses, he offered little in team fights and especially roams. He put up a much better performance against Golden Guardians with eight kills and ten assists. Even though success is generally expected against Golden Guardians given their poor run, Ryoma still played exceptionally well.

It is clear that Ryoma still needs more time with the team to understand exactly how they want to play. However, he certainly has a champion pool advantage over Damonte. While he can play other champions, 100 Thieves current composition limits Damonte’s usual choices. Damonte’s Twisted Fate is almost always banned and teams just pick an Azir to counter his Orianna.

From PapaSmithy’s announcement, it is still unclear which midlaner will start for 100 Thieves in the LCS Midseason Showdown. The coaches and staff will continue to work with both Damonte and Ryoma to determine which player starts. 100 Thieves return to the rift on Saturday, March 13 at 8 p.m. ET against Immortals