RowdyRogan fakes Call of Duty: Warzone ban for FaZe5 challenge
rowdyrogan fakes call of duty warzone ban for faze5
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RowdyRogan fakes Call of Duty: Warzone ban for FaZe5 challenge

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The saga of FaZe5 candidate RowdyRogan has concluded, as the streamer has admitted to faking his Call of Duty: Warzone ban. Earlier in the week, the Twitter account for RowdyRogan posted a video claiming that the 6-year old was banned from Warzone. Shortly after this, the streamer and his family claimed he was also banned from TikTok. Many in the community this was due to a Terms of Service breach since Rogan is only six years old. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case, as a new YouTube video tells the full story behind the bans.

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RowdyRogan not banned from Warzone

As we reported earlier in the week, the possibility of Rogan faking his ban was very real. Participating in the FaZe5 competition, Rogan and the other contestants were tasked with creating a viral video. Shortly after this challenge was made public, the video of Rogan’s Warzone ban surfaced. It seemed all too coincidental.

As it turns out, it wasn’t a coincidence, and Rogan is not in fact banned from the Call of Duty title or TikTok. However, due to his age, it was more than plausible that the bans were real. In turn, the community got the hashtag #FreeRogan trending and sent over their condolences on social media.

Of course, now it’s known that the ban was fake in order to create a viral video. The YouTube video where Rogan confesses to the idea shows that he and his mother came up with the idea. Apparently, FaZe Jarvis was the inspiration behind the idea. Jarvis faked his own Fortnite ban after being banned for real by Epic Games last year.

In terms of what this means for RowdyRogan, nothing has really changed. It remains to be seen if Rogan’s idea for a viral video was good enough to pass the final FaZe5 challenge. If it is though, he could be joining FaZe Clan in short order.

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