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Ahead of tomorrow’s League of Legends European Championship (LEC) tournament day, some teams have decided to switch out the lineups ahead of their games. This time around, Misfits Gaming and Excel Esports will be replacing some members in an attempt to improve their chances.

Misfits Gaming changes jungler

Misfits Gaming, currently 2W – 2L in the standings, will face off against their opponents in SK Gaming on Friday. They also play Schalke 04 on Saturday, June 22.  This week will see the return of Nubar “Maxlore” Safafian to the jungle position. He replaces Thomas “Kirei” Yuen, their recent import for the jungle role following his impressive performance at the Mid-Season Invitational earlier this year. This change is quite sudden, as Kirei has only been with the team since May 6.

We expect this change comes as Misfits look for a more veteran role to guide them to a victory against their opponents this week. Maxlore fits the bill for that nicely. And while Kirei is out for now, we have faith he will make a return as the LEC progresses.

Excel Esports switches things up

The changes happening this week to Excel Esports are massive. After their poor 0W – 4L start to the split, some things have to change. For this week’s LEC matches, on Friday they face off against Team Vitality, who shares their 0W – 4L scoreline, while Saturday pits them against the current number 1 team in the standings, Fnatic.

The first switch will happen to the bot lane of Excel Esports. Petter ”Hjarnan” Freyschuss and Raymond “Kasing” Tsang will both move to the bench for this week’s games. Replacing Hjarnan and Kasing are two players with less experience on the rift. Jesper “Jesklaa” Klarin will be the starting marksman for this week. Jesklaa will be supported by Patryk “Mystiques” Piórkowski. Mystiques is a player who has gained a lot of experience in the European semi-pro leagues over the years.

Whether these changes will work out for Misfits Gaming and Excel Esports is something we will have to watch out for tomorrow. The LEC matches start at 6:00 PM CEST on Friday and 5:00 PM CEST on Saturday. You can watch the games on the Watch page of League of Legends for various in-game rewards.

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