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As promised, Psyonix revealed the contents of the Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 today. With 70 new tiers to unlock, there will be dozens of new items to earn. From toppers to boost to wheels, everything customizable about your car is there, including a new car, of course. With the premium version of the Rocket Pass 3, Psyonix introduces the Guardian, a new Battle-Car using the Dominus hitbox. Oh, and one more thing — challenges!

Rocket League Rocket Pass 3

Rocket Pass 3 challenges

For the first time in Rocket League, there will now also be challenges available as part of the Rocket Pass. These challenges entail simple weekly tasks such as using a specific topper or Battle-Car, or netting an amount of points over the week. The rewards for these challenges will be bonus experience, which will lead you to your next tier unlock faster. Challenges are available for both the premium and the free version of Rocket Pass 3 and will cycle on a weekly basis.

Rocket League Rocket Pass 3

Pro rewards

As expected, a returning feature of the Rocket Pass are Pro Rewards.  These rewards are unlocked by the truly active Rocket League players who tier up beyond the maximum of 70. They are guaranteed to be painted but can also be certified or even special editions. Special editions are a rare drop for items from lower tiers of the Rocket Pass and look, as the name suggests, more special than the regular versions.

While tiering up to level 70 is a fair amount of work, it’s by no means impossible in the approximately three-month time frame, especially with the new challenges helping out, too. If you still think you won’t make it, however, tiers can also be unlocked through microtransactions.


For a full list of all the items in the Rocket Pass 3, check out Psyonix’s announcement post with images and a trailer. While it doesn’t exactly include the things we here at Daily Esports dreamed of, we’re looking forward to unlocking some sweet new items. Are you excited for the third iteration of the Rocket Pass? How far are you planning to go? Let us know in the comments below!

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