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Team BDS, Europe’s number one team in the Rocket League Championship Series Season X (RLCSX), has signed a contract extension of two years, the Swiss organization has announced.

The team—consisting of Marc “MaRc_By_8” Domingo, Alex “Extra” Paoli and Evan “M0nkey_M00n” Rogez—has been on a tear throughout the European RLCS this season; they most recently won the Winter Major. It’s telling that such a strong team is happy to bind themselves to their organization for so long.

Team BDS has loyal players

Team BDS has been on an impressive run this RLCSX season. They started the season as debutants after securing the top spot in the lower division of the Rival Series. This spot now no longer exists in the current format of the RLCS; Team BDS signed the roster six months prior, in Feb. 2020, and only improved since.

With the signing of Extra at the start of the season, Team BDS grew to new heights. They won six out of the last eight European regional events, including two majors. Despite becoming the best team in their region, the powerful trio and their coach, Javier “Kael” Ojeda—who recently spoke to Daily Esports about their success—have not looked for greener pastures elsewhere. All players are ecstatic on Twitter about being able to continue in the Team BDS colors.

Team BDS is the number one team in Rocket League for a reason; they must be doing something right to receive such praise from its star players. The team’s two Frenchmen and two Spaniards look like a powerhouse for a long while to come with this extension. The Rocket League scene is, of course, volatile and can never be predicted. After all, fans have seen a dynasty before with Dignitas, which came to an abrupt end when they lost a world championship grand final back in RLCS Season 6.

The organization is on course to qualify for their first ever world championship later this year as they lead the charge by over 1000 points to second-place, Team Vitality. To put that in perspective: in North America, 1000 points separate the first and sixth-place teams.