Rocket League summer update will add ranks beyond Grand Champion
Rocket League

Rocket League summer update will add ranks beyond Grand Champion

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Rocket League is, apparently, getting a huge update “worth waiting for”. It’s a bit of an announcement of an announcement, as Psyonix has yet to share any real details. Still, the developer at least gave us a tease: it is finally adding more ranks on top of Grand Champion. Fans have requested this feature for years at this point, as those who reached Grand Champion have nothing to really aim for.

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Season 14 Grand Champion rewards

Alongside the news that Grand Champions would get new ranks, Psyonix also revealed the rewards for the ranked season 14. This time, it’s banners again. The response from the Rocket League community is, once again, polarizing.

Rocket League S14 rewards

There are those who love the cleanliness of it, and those who are underwhelmed. Banners were a reward once before, and the response to them back then was so negative that Psyonix ended up changing the first design they revealed. One might wonder if they’ll do the same here, but one thing is for sure: banners are not as popular as decals or wheels.

Rocket League ranked season and Rocket Pass extended

The ranked season as well as the Rocket Pass has been extended for a few weeks. This is nothing new for Rocket League, as the same thing happened last season. Psyonix chose to extend it so the next season would coincide with the large update coming this summer. What it might entail is anyone’s guess, but some expect the game to move to the Epic Games Store after the studio was acquired by Epic Games last year. Others also wait for the day for Rocket League to go free-to-play on the EGS, as the latest RLCS announcement screams for the game to blow up in popularity.

The release of the Chinese version of Rocket League in the west is also a popular guess, as the menus look entirely updated. Regardless, Psyonix promises us it’s worth waiting for, so that’s what we’ll have to do. It aims to share more details in the coming weeks.

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