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Rocket League is officially going free-to-play next week. Nintendo leaked it yesterday, and Psyonix went ahead and confirmed it today with a shiny new CGI trailer. An update to lay the groundwork is dropping tomorrow, including the items that Psyonix teased for legacy players. Cross-platform progression, new quick chat options, and the support-a-creator system will also be introduced. And next week, we’ll finally get our hands on the new and overhauled features.

On top of that, Psyonix is holding an in-game Rocket League/Fortnite tie-in event to celebrate the occasion titled “Llama-Rama.” More information on that soon.

What’s coming to Rocket League next week?

Psyonix has been revealing the new features over the past few weeks. From new ranks, to streamlined seasons, to new challenges, to the overhauled tournaments. Rocket League will hopefully feel fresh and improved again after the F2P update goes live. Don’t worry, though. It’ll still play the same, of course.

But there’s more “free” stuff coming with the F2P update. Besides the legacy items for those who are eligible, players who add Rocket League to their Epic Games library will receive a $10 coupon to use on the Epic Games Store,for games and add-ons $14.99 and up. It’s a nice little trick to get you to start spending in the Epic Games Store. You’ll also get two wholly insignificant in-game items: Sun Ray Boost and Hot Rocks Trail. Fortunately, Steam players can remain on that platform if they wish.

Finally, Psyonix is also adding two new bundles to the game: The Endo Pack and the Jäger Pack. The Jäger pack has some neat items in them, such as the Titanium White Jäger 619 battle-car and a Titanium White Toon Goal Explosion. The Endo pack looks a little less interesting, but it’s also half the price. Regardless, new Rocket League players will have an extra battle-car to buy if they so desire. The Jäger pack looks like a decent deal, considering goal explosions in Titanium White tend to be on the expensive side. In fact, the Toon Goal Explosion in white goes for more than the bundle’s price alone.

Keep an eye out on Daily Esports on what exactly this “Llama-Rama” event might be when it is revealed next week.