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The Rivals of Aether Season Four NA Rankings have rated the top 50 players in North America. Reveals came from the News section of the official Rivals of Aether website from March 16 – 20.

For this list, panelists evaluated tournaments from March 2019 – January 2020. Panelists did take online results into account, although they weighed offline results more heavily. Previously, Rivals of Aether’s rankings only included events in the Rivals Championship Series. This was the first season to incorporate results from other grassroots events in the rankings.

The Rivals of Aether Season Four NA Rankings list is as follows:

  1. Alex “CakeAssault” Strobel
  2. Ethan “Penguin” Drake
  3. Joshua “Windows” R.
  4. Isaac “DolphinBrick” L.
  5. Josh “Xaro” Nye
  6. Justin “MSB” Miller
  7. Zachary “ZeeBee” Benson
  8. Stephen “SBS” Sobansky
  9. Connor “Sparx21” Stephenson
  10. Matthew “MattyIce” Yarbrough
  11. Forrest Griffin
  12. Jesier Santiago
  13. Andrew “Backpack” Roque
  14. Julian “Guard” Roque
  15. Mathew “Bagel” Lapierre
  16. Elijah Tapscott
  17. William “LBO” Dunmire III
  18. Tylor “Protagify” Kong
  19. Joshua “FullStream” Thompson
  20. Sanam “Lattim” Mittal
  21. Ahmet “Seggo” Kurter
  22. Daniel “Dam Danny” Marquez
  23. Matthew “Chompers” Sandoval
  24. Kobe “Kobra” Bracey
  25. Nicholas “PrimeTime” R.
  26. Justin “Akashi” Roth
  27. Zach “Bullets” Di Giovanni
  28. Walker “O-Gazm” Petrie
  29. Blair “Yesdefinitely” Cartiel
  30. Michael “Giga Bowser” Steele
  31. Michael “Starbos” Rumfelt
  32. Andrew “Kruz” Kruszynski
  33. Guillermo “Stroder” Martinez Jr.
  34. Josiah “TurtleBox” A.
  35. Noah “Plastic Dinos” Brown
  36. “CheesyPotato”
  37. Landon “Levin” Raph
  38. Jason “Lucius” R. Vargas
  39. Andrew “Nevereatcars” Robinson
  40. Eli “Dunk” Stein
  41. Chris “Marx” Alter
  42. Marcus “Kaaeru” V.
  43. Nathan “AZCards” Bloeman
  44. Hector “Proux.EXE” Sanchez
  45. Destry “Spook” Crockett
  46. Daniel “Danzello” Zamilatskiy
  47. Jonah “Junuh” Grimm
  48. Bryant “Dos Rogers” Rogers
  49. Alexander “Nexplosion” Morgan
  50. Nathan “Jorane” Weir

Rivals of Aether Season Four NA Rankings

CakeAssault returned as the No. 1 player on the Rivals of Aether rankings for the second season in a row. His player blurb noted that he has been ranked top 5 in the world every season thus far. Throughout this season, CakeAssault placed 1st at a plethora of stacked tournaments. Among them were Genesis 7, Super Smash Con 2019, EVO 2019, The Big House 9, and DreamHack Atlanta 2019.

Notably, a pair of brothers appeared back to back on the Rivals of Aether Season Four NA Rankings: Backpack and Guard. Hailing from Florida, both players made meteoric rises over the course of the season. Backpack boasts wins over Windows, Forrest, and Guard. Meanwhile, Guard has beaten the likes of Windows, MattyIce, and Tapscott.

A pair of players in this top 50 list are notable for their performances outside of Rivals of Aether, Forrest and Stroder. Forrest is ranked No. 68 in the world for Super Smash Bros. Melee. He has beaten Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby and Kurtis “moky” Pratt. Stroder was formerly ranked No. 29 in the world for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He has beaten Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey, Ezra Samsora Morris, and Enrique “Maister” Hernández Solís.