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To celebrate the launch of the “Arcane” series on Netflix, Riot Games has released a new interactive web experience titled Riot X Arcane. Honoring the fictional League of Legends holiday of “Progress Days,” the new event lets players interact with many of the characters from the “Arcane” animated series. There are also several easter eggs, free rewards and side quests scattered throughout the Riot X Arcane game, which we will cover in the guide below.

Riot X Arcane reward missions

As part of the larger Progress Days event, the new browser-based game on the Riot X Arcane website allows players to talk to many of the most popular “Arcane” characters. These characters include Heimerdinger, Jayce, Viktor, Jinx and Caitlyn. Players will also see characters from outside the League of Legends universe. Appearances include several Little Legends from Teamfight Tactics and many VALORANT agents.

Most of the characters you will encounter in the Riot X Arcane game will give you missions. Most of those missions lead to rewards in Riot’s various games.

We’ve covered all of the available rewards in the various guides below:

Progress Days side quests

Apart from the various reward missions linked above, there are also a few incomplete quests within the Riot X Arcane web game. While these quests only feature dialogue right now, they will eventually lead to missions that unlock new rewards as the Netflix series progresses. For those that would like to complete all of the available missions and get a head start on future rewards, we have included a walkthrough below.

Before getting started, click on any of our existing guides to learn how to complete the intro mission first. If you are experiencing lag during gameplay, you may have to enable hardware acceleration in your browser settings.

Main Story Mission Update: ‘We Can Rebuild’

Once you complete the intro mission up through the step where you receive the Radianite Tracking Device from VALORANT agent Killjoy, a new mission titled “We Can Rebuild: Yordle Magic” will activate.

  • To begin this mission, head back to Heimerdinger’s Lab and speak with Heimerdinger.
  • Click through the dialog boxes until you activate the mission “We Can Rebuild: Yordle Magic.”
  • Open the map and head to Streetside Cafe.
  • Talk to Caitlyn. She will ask you to find Teemo.
  • Scroll all the way to the left side of the area. You’ll find Teemo hiding behind a bush (because of course he is).
  • Speak to Teemo.
  • Once the dialogue with Teemo is complete, a floating stick will appear next to him. Click on it to collect a Piece of the Bandlewood.
  • Open the map and head back to Heimerdinger’s Lab.
  • Speak to Heimerdinger to deliver the Bandlewood stick. This will complete the mission “We Can Rebuild: Yordle Magic” and begin a new mission “We Can Rebuild: Magical Dampener.”
  • Speak to Heimerdinger until he tells you to find… another Heimerdinger.
  • Open the map and head to University of Piltover.
  • Speak to the Heimerdinger clone, Doppeldinger.
  • Click through the dialog with Doppeldinger and Chip.
  • Drag your screen slightly to the right until you see a small stone floating next to Chip. Click on it to collect a Chip Off The Ol’ Rock.
  • Head back to the original Heimerdinger at Heimerdinger’s Lab.
  • Speak to Heimerdinger to complete the mission “We Can Rebuild: Magical Dampener.”

Side Quest: The Lanes

  • Open your map and head to The Lanes.
  • Scroll all the way to the left and speak to Fishmonger.
  • When Fishmonger asks for his name, select Jericho. This will complete the mission “The Lanes: What’s In A Name.”

Riot X Arcane event easter eggs

Aside from the available reward missions and side quests, there are also several easter eggs strewn throughout the Riot X Arcane game.

Easter Egg 1: Redeem a Prismatic Chest in Legends of Runeterra via Prime Gaming

  • Open the map and head to the Arts District.
  • Scroll all the way to the left.
  • Click on the red and grey object that looks like a Jinx weapon. It should consist of sharp teeth and a grenade.
  • Click the “Go to Site” button to be taken to a Prime Gaming landing page where you can redeem a free Prismatic Chest in the Riot card game, Legends of Runeterra.

Easter Egg 2: Riot’s Spotify Playlists

  • Open the map and head to The Lanes.
  • Click on the door to The Last Drop pub.
  • Once inside the pub, click on the Jukebox in the center of the screen.
  • Click on the “Go to Playlist” option that pops up. This will unlock an easter egg that takes you to a new page with the following message: “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE FOUND THE GIFT OF MUSIC! SPECIFICALLY, TWO SECRET, HAND-CRAFTED PLAYLISTS THAT YOU CAN SAVE DIRECTLY TO YOUR SPOTIFY ACCOUNT. ENJOY!”
  • Players can use this page to log in to their Spotify accounts and download two unique playlists crafted by Riot Games: “Chemtech” and “Lofi Chill Beats to Tinker To.”

Easter Egg 3: Runterra World Map

  • Open the map and head to the University of Piltover.
  • Scroll to the right until you can see the large university above. Click on it.
  • Once inside the university, click on the large interactive globe.
  • Click on the “Go to site” option to be taken to the League of Legends World Map.

Easter Egg 4: Poro Snax

There are several Poro Snax scattered throughout the Riot X Arcane game. They appear as large brown biscuits laying on the ground with a sparkle effect shimmering above. We don’t recommend interacting with this easter egg quite yet as, once you pick up a Poro Snack, it cannot be collected again. For that reason, we suggest waiting to collect these until the end of the event in case one of the upcoming missions requires it.

Those are all of the easter eggs we’ve discovered so far. We will update this list if Riot adds more!

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