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Riot seems to be on the brink of releasing its latest League of Legends rework for Mordekaiser. As it might be the last rework before the fan-chosen rework, the team decided to make a behind-the-scenes video. Character artists, game designers, narrative writers, and others sat down to give the fans a look at the rework process. With the story, design, and new abilities — the new Mordekaiser is sure to be a great addition to the game. With that being said, let’s take a look at what was shown in the video.

A disconnect between his theme and gameplay

The team starts off the video talking about the aspects they wanted to keep from the old Mordekaiser. They wanted to keep the Lord of Death theme going and wanted to keep the “smashes people” feel going. Furthermore, the team elaborated on the current disconnect between Morde’s splash art and his gameplay. Mordekaiser’s theme seems quite obvious on the splash art, but in-game he lacks a clear identity. The players aren’t sure whether he is a mage or not, and if he is, why does he need a mace? The Riot developers decided on fixing that issue in the rework by better connecting the splash art and his play style.

Riot Games Mordekaiser League of Legends rework

One of Riot’s narrative writers went on to explain that they want to keep Mordekaiser as the warlord able to “crush his enemies.”

Bring back ghost

Another point of debate was his old ultimate. While the rework team agrees that his current ultimate is a cool concept, it once again doesn’t fit his theme. A big guy with a mace just looks weird controlling a dragon or champion, right? They go on to explain that they did their best to bring his ghost mechanic over but ultimately weren’t able to. The team still wanted to showcase his theme with the ultimate, so they came up with a new idea. Creating his own “death realm” and choosing his own “victim” to take there should be a great replacement for his old ultimate.

Lastly, the developers talked about hoping that the players who liked the old Mordekaiser will like the new one too.

The video also gave us an early look at his in-game model and abilities. We have already written about his abilities, so check it out!

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