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League of Legends Season 12 is gradually coming to an end with approximately three months left. Like every other year, Riot Games released a video stating their goals and plans for the 2023 League of Legends. They also included champion updates with plans for new champions coming into the game soon. The League of Legends 2023 preseason will feature jungle changes, vision and communication updates as well as visual updates.

Three new Champions heading to Summoner’s Rift

Riot’s Lead Champion Producer, Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles stated that players can expect to see three more champions in League of Legends. The first of these champions is a top lane tank named K’Sante from the city of Nazumah in Shurima.

Nazumah and its people. Image provided by Riot Games

K’Sante — also known as the pride of Nazumah — is a warrior who fought monsters that troubled the Nazumah people. He made his weapon, Ntofo from one of the largest monsters hides. The Ntofo is a huge blunt weapon that can be used defensively. In offense mode, he can shatter it to use the crafted blades to tear through enemies. K’Sante was teased in the League of Legends Champion Roadmap and will be introduced in game later this year.

Asides from K’Sante, Riot are working on a male enchanter and a Darkin Champion. Not much was revealed on both champions, but the male enchanter support will be a commoner from Ixtal. The male enchanter is still in development with no dates of release planned yet.

Moreover, Riot will release a comprehensive gameplay update to Aurelion Sol to reimagine the champion’s gameplay.

Vision and Communication Updates in League of Legends 2023 preseason

The League of Legends 2023 preseason will include major changes to vision and in game communication to fulfill Riot’s multi year goal of improving the game to meet modern standards. These updates includes an expansion of the ping system and vision options for better communications. There will also be a call to engage option and ways to emphasize pings with teammates. Riot is also looking for ways to make vision trinkets clearer to players.

Return of Chemtech Drake and Jungle improvements

The 2023 preseason will bring back the Chemtech Drake after its removal earlier this year. The Drake will no longer revive players but grant them damage and damage reduction and also empower plants on the rift.

Furthermore, Riot will make jungle changes to make the role easier for beginners. These changes include easier camp clearing, and better buff sharing. Most of the jungle changes are still a work in progress with more details to come later.

Fright Night skin
Fright Night Skin. Image provided by Riot

Additionally, there will be mid-scope updates to Neeko and Syndra and brand new Fright Night skins.

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