Riot Games to grant 140 tokens to fix Galaxies 2020 mission bug
League of Legends Galaxies 2020 mission bug Galaxies Pass 140 tokens mission to 200 tokens

Riot Games to grant 140 tokens to fix Galaxies 2020 mission bug

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The League of Legends Galaxies 2020 mission started a few weeks ago, and players are finding it to be less than satisfactory. In a nutshell, the Galaxies Pass allowed players to receive plenty of milestone rewards and tokens depending on the missions completed. Unfortunately, there have been a few issues and bugs arising when it comes to earning tokens, especially as the final week of the event approaches. Riot Games Lead Designer Justin “Riot Xenogenic” Hanson gave everyone a heads-up on the upcoming fixes.

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The complaints about mission rewards made their way to Reddit. A Reddit user noticed that the last week of the missions pass gave players only 200 tokens, less than what should be distributed. Unfortunately, the last week of the current event doesn’t give players a fair amount of tokens for the amount of games played.

Stepping in to fix the problem

Xenogenic stepped in and gave some clarification to many disgruntled players with the following message:

Hey folks – we’re going to be delivering a mission to grant 140 tokens with an objective of “Play 1 game.” We don’t want to swap out the existing mission because that would cause players to lose progress, so adding another mission to grant the extra tokens is the best approach.

Sorry for the headache in the meantime. We’re grateful for your feedback and patience during this bumpy transition from working in our HQ to working from home. Unfortunately, some things slipped through the cracks, but we appreciate the hell out of you and are working aggressively to fix these issues.

The 140 token mission should be live sometime next week.

This fix should give players 340 tokens, just like in the Night and Dawn event, which means they will be adding 140 to the already 200 tokens established.

Many Redditors were relieved to hear this news, as well as his Twitter followers. The overall feedback on the Twitter post gave off the impression that not many players enjoyed this pass as it felt “too grindy.” Meanwhile, others were glad they’ll receive the proper amount of tokens for their hard work. What do you think of League of Legends Galaxies 2020?