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In the latest installment of their Ask Riot segment, Riot talked about various League of Legends-related topics. From the long-awaited revamp of Death Recap, to chronological lore topics, to even a food-related question, Riot covered it all. Let’s take a look at everything they discussed in this extremely diverse post.

The long-awaited Death Recap revamp

The first question is strictly game-related and asks about the Death Recap. For those of you who don’t know, the Death Recap tells players what dealt the damage that caused their death. Unfortunately, the current Death Recap has many issues. Not being detailed enough, damage numbers that have no source, and unreliability are only a few issues with the current one.

A complete revamp of the Death Recap was promised quite a while ago, and it seems to finally be on its way. Riot announced the updated Death Recap is coming to live servers in the next patch. They noted their goal was to make the information reliable and something that players can trust. The recap will supposedly show what type of damage killed the player, which champions are the most threatening to them, and which spells they need to watch out for.

Eras in the world of League of Legends

Moving on to the second question, which is entirely lore-related, Riot talked about the eras of Runeterra. Lead Narrative Editor Scathlocke explained that Runeterrean history can be divided into many eras. The current one is loosely defined as “everything since the Rune Wars” and spans around a thousand years. He also explained there are only a few champions who have lived that long. Some regions haven’t even existed for that long.

Additionally, he answered whether all champions have always been active in the world. Scathlocke’s answer was a definite no. However, he further added that some champions are very old and have been reawakened from inactivity (an example being Sion). Lastly, he shared a thought about mortal champions and their mortality. However, this question can’t be answered at this time as there are no known examples of it happening.

Are Rift Scuttlers edible?

In the last question, Riot talked about jungle monsters and their culinary value. This question had a bit of humor to it, and the content is pretty hilarious. It starts off with a dialogue between two Murk wolf heads that have been captured. They comfort each other as they slowly but surely fall asleep.

The post ends with instructions on preparing the Murk wolves to achieve peak levels of deliciousness. They are supposed to be cooked on the fire for 35 minutes, with salt and pepper added for taste. Finally, Riot finished the post by saying the Murk wolf is the jungle’s most sought-after culinary delicacy. After all, “two heads are better than one.”

This concludes the latest Ask Riot post. It’s a weird one, to say the least, but it’s nice to see Riot has a sense of humor too. If you’d like to see more similar League of Legends news, be sure to stay in touch with Daily Esports!

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