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After introducing two new dragons and other items for the League of Legends preseason 2022, Riot Games announced new ranked changes on Friday.

The Product Lead for Competitive Gameplay, Cody “Riot Codebear” Germain, broke down how ranked went this season and the expectations for the next season. The ranked system is League’s competitive arena, where players from level 30 try to climb their way to the top.

What to expect in Ranked in League of Legends season 2022

The goal from Riot here is to fix technical challenges, giving players a better experience in League while playing ranked. In 2022, there will be modifications to the apex decay and season resets.

Normally, for players at the master tier and above, decay rates work like timers, ticking fast and pushing players into matches they should not be in. This issue has created unfair matchmaking in games throughout the latest season. For the new season, Riot will introduce new decay configurations during the next few months. They will also reach out for player feedback on these new configurations before the season officially starts.

Aside from this, Riot is changing the impact season resets have, considering them a “little too soft.” The resets next year will allow a longer runway for players to showcase their growth from the previous season. It will also provide them with a real boost as they start playing ranked League in season 2022.

To compensate, season resets will be more significant, reintroducing uncertainty back into the system. This also gives room for players to test and propel their skills, enabling more growth.

Additionally, Codebear stated that they were looking at how to improve the ranked experience for newcomers entering League mid to late season and also for players returning to the game. At the moment, it can be very hard to actually compete in those situations.

All these changes will mostly be introduced to the League’s PBE before the end of the year.