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The Hextech origin is having a rather turbulent release in Teamfight Tactics’ PBE. It was met with a surprisingly lukewarm response from the game’s community, with many asking for a redesign. This is despite how it essentially answers one of the biggest player complaints: early item drop advantage. That said, it did also serve as one of the buggier releases in the game, with effects ranging from deleting items completely to outright buffing your opponents.

Riot already addressed the bugs, and it seems they are now working to adjust the origin’s functionality too.

Area of effect

The original Hextech design was straightforward. If you have two Hextech champions on your team, you disable two random enemy items before a battle begins. If you have four, you instead disable four. Riot is sticking with their intent of canceling out item advantage, but they are tweaking how the items are targeted.

Tft teamfight tactics Jinx hextech

These changes were reported on by Reddit user Mr-Deer and show that the origin will now function through area-of-effect. The new wording states that “the ally team launches and detonates a pulse bomb, temporarily disabling nearby enemy items for 8 seconds.” With two Hextech champions, the explosion has a 1-hex radius of effect. With a full four champion set, it instead hits everyone on the enemy team within two hexes of the explosion point.

New tactics

If Hextech’s final design is anything like this current version, it will add a new dimension of gameplay. Like Exile and Robot, this will make champion placement more involved. To avoid suffering the full splash effect, players will have to spread out their champions and items. Some items and synergies, like Zeke’s Herald and Guardian, will naturally suffer more.

Teamfight Tactics new little legends

The Hextech origin is officially coming to Teamfight Tactics on August 14. New champions Vi, Jinx, Camille, and Jayce will arrive alongside it. Players will also gain access to the three new Little Legends: Hushtail, Paddlemar, and Protector.

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