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As promised, Riot continues to re-balance Teamfight Tactics on a weekly basis. Today we got a first look at the next round of changes, and there’s a lot to unpack. Read on for a full breakdown of the upcoming patch 9.15.

Synergy tweaks

Since Mordekaiser’s buff in patch 9.14b, Riot has continued to look into improving the Phantom synergy. Phantom champions Kindred and Karthus will receive buffs. TFT will also give more power to Guardian and Pirate synergies, although we don’t know how exactly.

The Yordle and Assassin synergies will see adjustments, but again, the patch preview does not mention how exactly. Demons and Dragons will receive nerfs. Demons have become very dominant in the current meta, so this change makes sense.

Frostmancy Riot Games League of Legends Zilean Kennen hotfix
Source: Riot Games

Riot is also tweaking individual champions. Naturally, Kennen will lose some power, while Yasuo and Ashe will receive improvements.

Big changes

While the synergies mentioned above are adjusted, Riot is redesigning others completely. The TFT patch preview notes that Knight, Ninja, Noble, and Void will receive reworks. We don’t have any information on what these reworks will consist of. Our guess, though, is that they will aim to make the synergies more flexible. Currently, all of these synergies have something of an all-or-nothing design. If you have a full set of champions, it will yield disproportionately higher benefits compared to a partial synergy. Perhaps the redesigns will make them easier to use.

Upcoming TfT changes Teamfight Tactics

According to the patch preview notes, Riot will adjust fundamental game mechanics too. The amount of damage players do to each other will see a reduction. At the same time, Riot will somehow “buff” the win and loss streak system. That will most likely make streaks an even more integral part of Teamfight Tactics strategy.

The announcement states that all changes mentioned are tentative and may not happen. Whatever re-balancing we do get will most likely come into effect on July 31. Riot is also looking at adjusting Glacial and Demon further. However, they won’t tweak them more until patch 9.16.

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Teamfight Tactics news and content!

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