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Design director Riot Meddler has gone over some of the plans for future League of Legends updates in a forum post. Some of the topics Riot Meddler covered in the forum post include the future temporary game modes and events (including ARURF), future ranked borders for Teamfight Tactics, and what is ahead for the upcoming League of Legends patches.

Temporary game modes in League of Legends

Compared to last year, this year had fewer temporary game modes than the previous years. Riot Meddler stated that the team intends to bring back old temporary game modes, including ARURF. ARURF stands for All Random Ultra Rapid Fire mode. This game is based on an older game mode, URF, first introduced on April Fools’ Day of 2015. ARURF is an adaption on the first URF mode, but it has been by far the most popular and requested game mode since its release.

Ranked rewards and borders for Teamfight Tactics

When Teamfight Tactics was first released, it was announced that the game would have its own separate ranked rewards. In the forum post, Riot Meddler explains that for now Teamfight Tactics’ end-of-season rewards will use the same ranked border as League of Legends. However, for the future Teamfight Tactics will receive its own unique ranked borders for the loading screens.

League of Legends, the patches leading to worlds

The path ahead to Worlds 2019 is pretty clear. There will be more changes to the game in patch 9.17 (releasing Wed, Aug. 28) that are currently locked in already. Patch 9.18 will likely include changes to two of the most popular champions in competitive League of Legends, Aatrox and Akali.

Patch 9.19 will be the patch Worlds 2019 will be played on and as such will not include many changes from previous weeks, to give the teams as much time as possible to prepare. Patch 9.20, to be released on Wed, Oct. 9, will be the first patch after Worlds and before the preseason changes start. The changes will be mainly aimed at improving the solo queue environment.

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