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As January is coming to a close, Riot’s annual Lunar Revel event is on the horizon. Like most years, Riot Games is going all-out for the Lunar New Year, releasing a themed set of skins in Patch 12.2 along with battle pass missions and rewards. But due to some issues on the backend, the studio is changing a bit of the way those event points are collected this time around compared to the Debonair event this past December.

In December, Riot made some changes to its events, trying to gear them more towards playing the game in general, rather than a specific amount of times. Playing a certain number of games rewards forfeiting and repetition, and makes long games feel bad, so Riot changed missions to be a reflection of total time spent. This way your 50-minute solo queue bangers were a little sweeter in victory and a little less sour in defeat.

However, in its attempts to improve the system, Riot inadvertently made it more difficult for players to make their way through the Token Bank missions by not having any way to roll over points from one mission to the next, limiting players’ overall progression. Since they haven’t yet fixed the new system, the developers are reverting back to the old one for Token Bank missions.

The point requirements to complete the other missions, however, will continue with their new system but be reduced by 15% to 40% from the Debonair event to make it less time-consuming.

Porcelain Kindred splash art
Porcelain Kindred is among the skins released during the Lunar Revel event. | Provided by Riot Games

To find all the specific details of mission requirements, make your way to Riot’s site, where it has listed charts for each type of mission in the Lunar Revel event. Riot has a bunch of skins as usual, but this year it has created some Lunar Legend tacticians (for Teamfight Tactics) as well as TFT’s very own Golden Lantern event.

Riot’s League of Legends Lunar Revel event starts Jan. 26 and lasts through Feb. 28.