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Valorant‘s life cycle is now in full swing, as content creators from around the world are showcasing gameplay from an early access event. Last weekend, multiple creators had the chance to play with and against one another in an online setting. This allows the viewers to see Valorant at its best and also to earn access to the closed beta by watching Twitch streams.

As such, there are now hundreds of thousands of people watching select streams in hopes of earning beta access. One of the biggest streams right now is TimTheTatman, and Riot Games stopped by to drop some intel on the future of Valorant.

Could Valorant come to consoles?

As Valorant was designed to be a competitive title, Riot Games only made it for PC initially. This is also where Riot is most comfortable, as they have their own launcher for League of Legends. However, it appears that this may not always be the case in the future.

According to a Riot developer, Valorant could potentially come to consoles after release. However, they made it clear that the company’s current focus is on the PC scene. The developer divulged this information on TimTheTatman’s stream. You can watch the clip of this statement below.

While not what console fans want to hear at this moment, this decision is probably the best for both sides right now. PC players, of course, get access straight away and the developer’s full attention at launch. However, this also allows Riot Games to work out of all the kinks in Valorant before possibly releasing on consoles.

Currently, we have no timeframe for when Valorant could arrive on PS4 or Xbox One. One can surmise, though, that it would happen well after launch, if at all.

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