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To celebrate the 2021 League of Legends World Championship, Riot Games is dropping special in-game rewards for viewers experiencing the games on lolesports.com. Eight days into the tournament, at least 40 Worlds 2021 drops have already been given out.

While the community loves to give Riot Games a hard time, the company has been incredibly generous with rewards this year. If you’ve been watching on Twitch or YouTube this year, you’ve definitely been missing out.

Riot Games has already given players at least 40 free drop rewards during Worlds 2021.
40 of my 60 Worlds drop rewards have come from watching matches in 2021. The other 20 dropped last year. | Provided by Riot Games/Screenshot by Upcomer.

How to get free drops at Worlds 2021

Getting free loot just for watching a game might sound too good to be true but that’s exactly the case for viewers using the official League of Legends website. If you’re late hopping on the train and this headline was enough to get you to hop on the bandwagon, then here’s what you need to know.

Drop rewards are generally random, but you can get them in a few different ways. First, you need to log into the lolesports.com website and head to the “Rewards” made to make sure drops are enabled for your account. Drops are turned on by default so unless you’ve opted out in the past, you should be good.

After that, simply watch the games on the LoL Esports website. When a big in-game moment happens (think multi-kills and objective steals), the chance of receiving a drop is significantly increased. If one of the players gets a pentakill, a drop is guaranteed.

Worlds 2021 Pick’em and watch rewards

The other way players can receive rewards is through special “watch missions” and Worlds 2021 Pick’em rewards.

The watch missions available this year are as follows:

Mission Reward
Watch 1 2021 Worlds game 500 Blue Essence
Watch 10 more Worlds 2021 games Esports Capsule
Watch 25 more Worlds 2021 games Esports Capsule + Worlds Rewards Capsule
Watch the Worlds Finals Esports Capsule + Worlds Rewards Capsule

Pick’em rewards come in the form of in-game rewards for locking in your Crystal Ball pick. Depending on how well your Worlds 2021 Pick’em bracket holds up in stage, you will earn a certain number of points. Possible goodies included in Pick’em rewards include Blue Essense, Hextech Chests and Keys, Esports Capsules, Summoner Icons and a Worlds Rewards Capsule.

If you are correct in every single Pick’em and earn the maximum point total of 166 points (don’t get your hopes up, only 11 people out of over 8 million achieved this goal), you’ll receive the following ultimate skins: Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr, DJ Sona, Elementalist Lux, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, and K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine. 

In addition to drops, remember to earn all the free rewards available in the in-game event going on as well as the Worlds 2021 battle pass. Learn more about how to watch Worlds 2021 with our watch guide