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The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, announced in a press conference on Tuesday that Riot Games will keep paying its employees in full during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to this, Riot is also donating to Garcetti’s relief fund.

Riot will keep all its staff on board

Mayor Garcetti said that Riot Games plans to keep its janitorial and food employees on staff and on full pay. They will also keep paying their workers who are working from home during the pandemic. While there is no telling when the coronavirus threat will pass, Riot employees will keep their jobs.


They are also donating to the relief fund

In addition to keeping all their employees on staff, Riot and its founders Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill are also donating $1.5 million to the coronavirus relief efforts. According to Garcetti, each co-founder will donate $500,000 and Riot Games is donating $500,000.

The mayor also announced that the gaming company is going to attempt to aid the city’s efforts to obtain medical equipment. The coronavirus has notoriously overwhelmed the healthcare system, which has led to a shortage of equipment.

Riot is setting a positive example for other gaming companies

Riot Games is most famously known for League of Legends and auto chess spin-off Teamfight Tactics, and it is in the process of developing or publishing several new games. They have released information on an upcoming first-person shooter Valorant, and they have a fighting game in the works.

Hopefully, this move by Riot Games and its founders to respect employees, as well as their charitable display, will set a positive example for other big-name gaming companies to follow. This is one of the most successful gaming companies out there, and their efforts will surely help the fight against the virus. At the very least, their employees will appreciate still having a job and getting paid.