Riot Games to patch run and gun accuracy in VALORANT
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Riot Games to patch run and gun accuracy in VALORANT

No more running and shooting
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VALORANT developer Riot Games is set to patch run and gun accuracy in the upcoming patch, the organization revealed on June 18. 

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Riot aims to “tighten up engagements,” Max Grossman and Sal Garozzo, Co-Lead Designers, said. This is to ensure that players cannot retain steady accuracy when moving while shooting.

This will be fixed by tweaking the “tag into accuracy.” The debuff occurs when players shoot at enemies while they’re running; to slow them down and increase their accuracy. Hence, giving the impression that running and gunning is accurate even if they don’t come to a complete stop. 

“With slightly reduced tagging, tighter deadzones and overall less accuracy in movement states, we aim to tighten up combat while trying to maintain as much intuition and muscle memory as possible,” Riot said.

Garozzo and Grossman stated that Riot has also changed running accuracy of Sidearms and SMGs. In the upcoming patch, players will be rewarded for grinding to a halt before they shoot their first bullet.

“We’ve also reduced the running accuracy of Sidearms and SMGs in an attempt to tighten up engagements with those weapons while maintaining some of their identity in terms of mobility; by being able to to move and shoot somewhat accurately at shorter ranges,” the co-leads said. 

With the change to accuracy while moving, players will more often be forced to stand still in order to hit their shots. 

In addition to running accuracy, Riot will also change walking accuracy. Players that take aim from a medium distance will be less accurate if they are walking.

“With the changes to walk accuracy, shooting while walking will be significantly less effective at medium ranges; rewarding players who proactively stop before they shoot,” the co-leads stated.

These changes could be implemented for the upcoming Episode 3 Act 1 patch, which will be released on Tuesday, June 22. 

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