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Two years ago, League of Legends Twitch sensation Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp began his journey to reach Challenger in five different roles starting from scratch across different accounts. On Saturday, Tyler1 destroyed the final Nexus needed to complete his quest by reaching Challenger while playing support and Riot Games sent him a special gift to celebrate the momentous occasion.

The developer collaborated with Chad and Sammy Hoku of Hoku Props to create custom light-up Challenger emblem medals in honor of Tyler1’s achievement. According to Riot Games Influencer Manager Mel Capperino-Garcia, Riot and Hoku Props began production of the medals once Tyler1 hit Challenger in top lane in June of 2021.

While ranking the difficulty of each role on stream after reaching the new milestone, Tyler1 said that support was by far the easiest role for him to reach Challenger in.

“Support is the easiest role,” said Tyler1. “I brain-off-auto-piloted almost all of support and it took me 500 games. My brain was off. I’m just right-clicking bot lane; it’s so easy. It really is, you just have to not be terrible.”

He then went on to rank top lane as the hardest by far, because of limited flexibility with champion picks, and mid lane as fairly challenging, but not incredibly difficult. As far as other roles go, Tyler1 says bot lane isn’t too bad, but can be frustrating when having to work with different supports, and that jungle has a steep learning curve but becomes easier over time.

Tyler1’s journey from his indefinite ban from League over five years ago, to now being one of the game’s top entertainers while technically being one of the best players on the server is certainly a Cinderella story to behold. With the five-role challenge finally completed, nobody knows what’s next for Tyler1, but knowing the self-proclaimed “6’5” freak beast,” it’s sure to be interesting.

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