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With the arrival of Pride Month, Riot has announced their plans to add in game content to all of their titles to celebrate their diverse player base. As their most popular game, League of Legends will stand at the forefront throughout June.

‘’Make sure to check out leagueoflegends.com for the details on what’s coming to League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and Wild Rift,” Riot said in a blog post. “VALORANT players will need to check out playvalorant.com for the exact details on everything available and how to get it in game.’’

Starting in 2018 with the introduction of the Rainbow Fluft, Riot has provided their queer players with a chance to express their identities in the game by offering a variety of in game rewards during Pride Month. As the years passed, they expanded their Pride collection with new icons, emotes and artwork to represent more identities. The studio said they are still trying to make League a safer space for all LGBTQIA+ members.

Of course, the Pride celebration is not only limited to League of Legends. All of Riot’s games will start celebrating Pride with their own original content starting Wednesday.

Riot also announced that two characters from Bilgewater, Twisted Fate and Graves, will share their own stories as the month goes on.

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