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On June 21, Riot Games revealed plans to add an amateur tournament system to VALORANT.

VALORANT Competitive Team Designer Jon “EvrMoar” Walker shared Riot Games’ plans to add a competitive tournament structure to the game. This VALORANT tournament is still in the early days of development but will be similar to how Riot Games runs Clash tournaments in League of Legends.

Clash is an invite-only team building tournament for players and their friends to compete for in-game prizes. These prizes change from banners in lanes to new icons and even unlockable chests. Clash has been an important part of League of Legends since it was first introduced in late 2019. With VALORANT’s explosive success, players are searching for a way to compete in tournaments with some of their closest friends.

What will VALORANT Clash look like?

EvrMoar revealed that the team at Riot Games want a way for players to play with their friends in a competitive setting. Riot Games has been open about opposing a Flex Rank queue as they have for League of Legends. Flex queue allows players to play with more than one other person in a ranked setting to earn a separate rank in the game. However, this will not be coming to VALORANT in the future according to developer comments.

VALORANT 'Jett Invitational' prototype tournament layout- clash
VALORANT ‘s Jett Invitational prototype tournament layout. | Provided by Riot Games

To combat this, VALORANT will introduce a tournament-like feature that allows players to form teams with their friends and compete. Each team will have up to seven players on a roster. This will allow teams to sub players in and out freely without consequence. As standard, teams will need to have at least five players to be entered into the tournament. If teams perform well in the tournaments, they will be invited to a more competitive form of tournament at the end of the season.

EvrMoar stated that these plans for VALORANT tournaments are still in the early development phases, and Riot currently doesn’t have a date for release.