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Riot Games launched a new press website on Monday and along with it, unveiled a newly refreshed official logo. The new logo will be used across all touchpoints and, following the announcement, Riot will roll out similar updates throughout 2022 as part of the developer’s new brand design system. 

This isn’t the first time Riot has updated its logo since the release of its flagship title, League of Legends, in 2009. Ahead of the company’s 10-year anniversary event in 2019, Riot changed its logo to the more minimalist white fist and text that we see today as a way to reflect the changing times. 

“As Riot enters its second decade, we felt the timing was right to update and expand the Riot Games visual system to set us up for success long-term,” said Riot. “The change to the logo was an output of building a more cohesive visual system including the creation of additional unique assets (like typography) that will help players recognize us more easily where we show up.”

The newly unveiled press website will serve as a hub for all media-related needs, including assets, information on releases, executive bios and more. In the future, Riot plans on adding fact sheets for every Riot Games title on the site as well.

A new era for Riot Games

2021 was a massive year for the developer’s staple titles like League of Legends and VALORANT. The 2021 League of Legends World Championship grand final, hosted in Reykjavik, Iceland, had a record-breaking number of 73,860,742 peak concurrent viewers, which was over a 60% increase when compared to 2020. The grand final of the first-ever VALORANT world championship, VALORANT Champions 2021, boasted nearly 1.1 million peak viewers.

It’s no secret that Riot Games has been bullish about preparations to branch into other forms of media besides games. On Nov. 6, 2021, Riot shocked the entertainment world with “Arcane,” an animated League of Legends Netflix series that debuted at the number one spot on the streaming platform. Riot also announced an upcoming mockumentary series, “Players,” which will stream exclusively on Paramount+.

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