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During the 2021 League of Legends World Championships semifinals match between Edward Gaming and Gen.G, Riot Games revealed the last trailer for its upcoming Neflix series “Arcane.” The show follows the story of Vi and Jinx in the League of Legends universe in Piltover and the city underneath it, Zaun.

While not showing anything ground breaking, or entirely different from previous trailers, the final reveal did showcase more of the show’s unique animation and a few story elements that may be pivotal. The nine-episode series will release in three parts with three episodes each. The second and third release dates for the series are Nov. 13 and 20.

New footage shows Vi getting released from jail

Some of the new footage from the final trailer include a suiting-up sequence for both Jinx and Vi and what looks to be their first meeting as adults. But, the first new sequence shown was a scared Caitlyn going to see Vi in prison, presumably to help the policewomen catch Jinx and restore order to Piltover. Also shown are Vi’s fists, powered by some kind of jewel, and the pink-haired bruiser putting them on and fighting.

Fans also got a more in depth look at the wider world of Piltover, including shots of what looks to be a government building, the presumed main villain’s office and a bar in the city.

Lastly, fans got another taste of what looks to be a visual motif for the series for Jinx’s further decent into madness. In one seen, fans can see the character screaming and deep in thought as scratched words and sentences clutter the screen. These are presumed to be Jinx’s thoughts as she moves through her arc in the show.

“Arcane” will release after the Worlds 2021 finals on Nov. 6 and will cap off the League of Legends season as the game, and its competitive circuit, moves into preparation for Season 12.

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