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Previously, new Star Guardian skins were teased on the League of Legends Twitter via an image of Ahri’s hand. Now, Riot Games has released previews for the next iteration. Four new Star Guardian skins have been pushed to the League Public Beta Environment test server today. These include skins for Rakan, Zoe, Xayah, and Neeko.

Star Guardian skins

A previous tweet showed three Star Crystals being held in Ahri’s hand, colored blue, yellow, and green. It was captioned, “I will find you before her darkness burns you all away.” The image was a screenshot from “A New Horizon”, a 2017 Ahri trailer. Fans tied this to a possible upcoming skin release, and they were right.

Neeko’s Star Guardian skin is the only one that follows the same color scheme as prior Star Guardian skins. It has a green and white outfit with golden stars scattered around. In the skin’s animation, Neeko throws around an obese frog as her companion. The video also shows Neeko in Prestige form where, instead of green and white, the skin is mainly filled with the gold color. This version also has Neeko throwing around a frog which is the size of a pillow, but the frog is now golden and pink.

In comparison, the other three skins follow a different color scheme. The Xayah, Zoe, and Rakan skin animations look similar to the Cosmic theme with black, purple, and blue color accents. Glittering stars surround their animations, and all three of the skins include Star Guardian music playing in their recalls.

The new skins are live on the Public Beta Environment. They will be pushed to the main game in a future patch. Which of the other allegedly leaked skins from Reddit are you hoping to use in-game? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all of your League of Legends coverage.