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Riot Games has officially revealed its latest VALORANT map, Breeze. The map is the sixth addition to the game and brings a distinct beach and ocean-side theme. Breeze will debut in VALORANT in Episode 2 Act 3, on April 27. The map was teased throughout the week, with Riot Games showcasing it on Twitter. Some data miners found evidence of the map previously too, under the code name FOXTROT, with a Caribbean theme. The trailer was leaked April 22, before Friday’s official reveal.

Breeze setting and gameplay

Breeze is set on an island in the southern region of the Bermuda Triangle. It has a shiny, warm aesthetic, as the inspiration for the map came from the Caribbean. The map features old forts, tropical beaches and cannons. A complete departure from the game’s previous map Icebox, set in Russia. The map also deepens the lore behind VALORANT and Radiant, with modern piracy.

“After the cold, angular world of Icebox, we were really excited for the open, bright, colorful world of Breeze.” said VALORANT Developer Devon Fay.

Breeze has wide open spaces that create long range encounters, prefect for Rifles and the Operator. The big doors and elevated surfaces leave wide choke points too. This creates areas on the map that players need to fight over for map control. The A site is a large open space with two pyramids, boxes and a staircase that players can comfortably traverse. Unlike Split, with its close-quarters engagements, shotguns may not be optimal on Breeze.

Early agent compositions for this map could include Jett, Raze and Omen to abuse the different terrain heights. In that aspect, the map is similar to Icebox. Breeze also sports ziplines that help low mobility Agents, adding even more options to the map. Breeze will release alongside the new battle pass and skin line, Forsaken, on April 27.