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Riot Games’ new animated series is almost upon us, and with its arrival, Riot has been announcing a bunch of collaborations with various properties across the gaming and entertainment world. Now, just days before Arcane launches its first act, Riot Games announces a partnership with Los Angeles based chocolate company, Compartés Chocolatier.

Riot’s Arcane partnership with Compartés Chocolatier intends to “bring the characters in the game and TV show to life through custom, limited-edition chocolates.” Riot worked directly with the Compartés CEO Jonathan Grahm to reflect the show’s two main stars, Jinx and Vi, with a dedicated chocolate bar for each sister.

Compartés Chocolatier Arcane bars
Jinx and Vi each have their own special edition chocolate bar. | Provided by Compartés Chocolatier

The Jinx chocolate bar is named “Flame Chompers” and features a mix of matcha green tea and strawberry flavors. The Vi bar goes a whole different direction. It’s named “Vault Breaker” and is made of dark chocolate with real 24K gold flakes and sea salt crystals.

This is the chocolate company’s first entry into gaming, though Riot has had other partnerships with chocolate/snack companies before, like the League of Legends European Championship’s partnership with KitKat.

Compartés Chocolatier Arcane chocolate bars broken up to show their features
Compartés went all out for each of their Arcane bars. | Provided by Compartés Chcolatier

Riot has partnered with many different properties for their new animated series, as well as dropping multiple trailers and otherwise, before the RiotX Arcane event this coming weekend. Not only is Arcane content featured in League of Legends, where the characters live, but they have also spread to the other Riot games, like their first-person tactical shooter, VALORANT and even non-Riot titles, like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile.

Check out the final Arcane trailer ahead of this weekend, where you can learn more about the relationship between Vi and Caitlyn. You can find everything you need to know about where and how to watch the show, here.

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