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Riot has announced new in-game initiatives to support LGTBQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual, Queer, Intersex, Asexual and beyond) people across several games. These initiatives include several Pride based emotes, animations, missions and Pride specific merch in the Riot Store. Here are all the details you need in order to participate in Pride across all Riot games.

Riot celebrates Pride: League of Legends and Wild Rift

Riot has announced Rainbow poro icons, along with a whole host of other rewards, including custom homeguard trails and missions made to celebrate diversity in the LGTBQIA+ community. The missions will pop up in the client starting May 17th and will last throughout the entirety of June. Riot has also mentioned that the missions have several mentions towards Diana and Leona, which are related to an in-game event called Festival of the Nightless Eve that will release sometime soon.

Riot Celebrates Pride: Poro icons
New Pride based Poro icons added to the Riot Games’ titles. | Provided By Riot Games

Wild Rift is also releasing seven custom Poro icons to celebrate Pride. These icons are different from the ones in League of Legends. Wild Rift players will also receive a unique homeguard trail and have access to two new missions that give them access to the Pride 2021 emote and the aforementioned rewards.

Riot celebrates Pride: Legends of Runeterra

new riot Little Legend
Pride based guardian, Ellie the Elephant. | Provided By Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra players get the same icon rewards as Wild Rift, the Everybody Gets Love! Emote, which stars Tyari the Traveler, and a new guardian called Ellie the Elephant, which features a rainbow pattern. All of these rewards can be claimed in the shop for zero coins, so everyone can get them free of cost.

Riot celebrates Pride: Teamfight Tactics and Merchandise store

The rewards for Teamfight Tactics are similar to the rest that have been mentioned. There are seven new Pride booms that can be collected through a new mission line called Sun and Moon. In addition to the custom booms, there are also new Pride themed Little Legends that released in the store on May 12.

Riot have also released a line of Pride based merchandise that include Mugs, Clothing, and even a large hand fan. All these items are available on the Riot Merch Store from June 1 through July 3.

In order to find more information about how Riot plans to celebrate pride, you can check their original blog post here.

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