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Valorant‘s first Act is coming to a close, and Riot has announced their plans for Act II. Don’t worry, they aren’t changing the way Valorant works or anything major—just how you get your rank and your rank rewards. Here’s what you need to know.

Valorant is getting Act Ranks

For each Act in Valorant, you will be able to earn an Act Rank based on your performance in that Act. Your Act Rank will only reflect your nine highest-ranked wins. This means that if you win nine games while in Platinum, your Act Rank won’t reflect games you might have lost in Silver or Gold. Act Rank only considers your nine best wins along with the total amount of games you won during the Act.

Act Rank Badge

Your Act Rank Badge is how you will see your Act Rank. Your Badge will include nine triangles that indicate the rank you won at. Wins at a higher rank will replace triangles from wins at lower ranks. At the end of each Act, this is how you will see your Act Rank.

Future Acts

At the end of each act in Valorant, players will get a badge on their profile for their Act rank. Starting in Act II, players will be able to view their friends’ profiles and see their Match History and rank. There will not be an Act Rank Badge for Act I. Your active Rank Badge will be the one from the previous Act.

Once Act II begins, players will have to do three placement matches to get a rank. This rank will be calculated from the result of these matches and the player’s rank from the previous Act.

Be sure to get ready to flex your skills on your opponents and earn a fancy Act Rank Badge in Act II. Valorant Act II begins in early August; check back with Daily Esports for more details.

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