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On April 20, Riot Games announced that the first Legends of Runeterra World Championship will occur in September of 2021. This will be the first major global esports tournament for the digital card game since its release in April of 2020. The event will bring the best LoR players together to compete for fame, glory and a share of the $200,000 prize pool.

The Legends of Runeterra World Championship

The Legends of Runeterra World Championship is a global event that will enable greater opportunity for players and fans. The event also seeks to push competitive Legends of Runeterra to far greater heights.

The qualifiers and finals for the LoR World Championship will take place in September, 2021. Furthermore, only 256 players will compete for a spot in the finals. These 256 competitors include 64 players from the Americas, Asia and Europe. Also included are several ranked and seasonal tournament participants. In addition, 64 players from Southeast Asia will join players from Asia to compete for a spot in the World Championship.

Moreover, each region has a limited number of seats in the finals. The Americas hold six seats while Europe and Asia have five seats each. Riot also released the various methods through which the top 64 players in each region can qualify. For this, a list of all the top players and points gathered will be uploaded on the official website. This will be updated after every seasonal tournament.

The top 64 in each region will include:

    • 22 players from ranked
    • 20 players from Seasonal Tournament finalists
    • 22 players from Seasonal Tournament points

The 16 finalists of the LoR World Championship qualifiers will advance to the finals to compete for $200,000. All players will compete in a group stage of four-player round robins. After this, only the top two players from each group will proceed to the final. The final round features a single-elimination stage where the winner will become the first Legends of Runeterra World Champion.

As of this release, there is no information as to the exact date or broadcast details of the tournament. However, Riot will release more information as the LoR World Championship draws nearer.