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Riot has officially announced the next big step for Valorant esports: the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour. The first season will kick off towards the end of January with regional events around the world.

The Champions Tour will take place throughout the majority of 2021, and it will feature both regional and international challenges. Here’s more about the tournament structure.

Valorant Champions Tour tournament structure

The 2021 Valorant Champions Tour will have three different levels of competition.

  • Challengers: This stage will focus on regional competition and will take place three times during the year
  • Masters: These events will follow the Challengers stage and feature the best teams from the regional competition
  • Champions: This is the two-week grand finale which will feature a tournament with the top 16 teams from around the world

Only the best teams from the Challengers series will make Masters, and the best teams overall will make Champions. The winner of the Champions tournament will be crowned the Valorant World Champions.

Valorant Champions Tour

The Challenger stage will consist of three tournaments and a final over six weeks. The best teams from each region (16 total teams) will qualify to compete in the Masters tournaments. These teams will play to earn points towards the Valorant Champions stage in December.

After the three Masters events, teams will have one final chance to qualify for Champions. Four different last chance qualifier tournaments will take place and one team per continent will qualify for the final of the Valorant Champions Tour.

The Champions tournament will feature the teams with the most points as well as the teams who qualified in the last chance qualifier tournaments. The team that wins this, wins it all.

Be sure to stay tuned for more, as we are bound to hear more about the teams and players in the coming weeks. There’s also the chance that there will be some form of viewership reward as well!