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After one month since it’s been implemented, the full reach of the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat software in Warzone Pacific has become known. Previously, players thought the software would simply stop cheaters from launching Warzone or Vanguard, thanks to the kernel-level driver it installs. However, it also seems that RICOCHET carries some extra protections in case cheaters do make it through. One of those protections appears to be cheaters dealing zero damage to enemies in Warzone Pacific. Or, in other words, their bullets ricochet off of their opponents.

Numerous clips began to surface showing cheaters’ bullets not doing damage to a player. Apparently, RICOCHET targets players with inhuman aiming; basically all of which are players with some kind of cheat installed. The Anti-Cheat then does something that forces these players to deal zero damage to their opponents. This allows players without cheats a chance to kill them and go on with their match.

RICOCHET doing its job in Warzone Pacific

The clips of cheaters not doing damage to enemies began to surface in full earlier this week. AverageJoeWo, a streamer for NRG, saw RICOCHET in action for himself, as a cheater managed to shoot him dozens of times to no avail.

The cheater shooting the streamer isn’t making a dent in his health or armor. This leads to AverageJoeWo simply pushing the cheater and earning a free kill on them. From the perspective of the cheater, this can be quite confusing. This is evident in a clip that showcases a streamer with cheats installed getting frustrated that their bullets don’t seem to work against an enemy.

This new feature of the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat is terrific news for players who don’t use any cheats in Warzone Pacific. While this won’t happen to every single hacker in the game, it should continue to eliminate the chance that a cheater gets any kills.

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